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About MöDA

MöDa Talent Management is Utah’s newest addition for phenomenal talent representation. Utah is on the rise for creating and providing insanely talented individuals. We were founded on the need for Utah to become more competitive in the industry and to build better connections in top states in the country. MöDA holds Utah talent to the standards of LA, NYC, and Atlanta. We are blunt and direct with our talent and work overtime to ensure that they are competitive and act with true professionalism. MöDA talent are always prepared with the proper tools, education, and skill set to go out and conquer any job opportunity. We believe that finding and representing strong and talented professionals who want gain as much as they put in creates the best synergy.

How do I become signed with MöDA?

In order to be represented by MöDA, we require that our talent must have 4 of 5 things:

1. Headshot
2. Resume
3. Comp Card
4. Demo Reel

Utah is putting itself on the map with the amount of talent that are making a name for themselves in L.A. and New York. This provides talent in Utah a unique opportunity to feed directly into larger markets such as New York, L.A., Atlanta, and Chicago.

We require all of our talent to be in training somewhere and we run a free monthly workshop to help them grow.

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