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About Attract Agency

Attract Agency is a Boutique Talent & Events Agency with large scale capabilities. It was founded in 2009, with the intention of helping brands establish, build relationships and create consumer awareness in targeted markets by providing results-oriented marketing specifically designed to meet our client’s objectives. Attract Agency has quickly become a well known, creative outsource for all talent and event solutions due to our free thinking and strategic understanding. Our team is fun, personable, proactive, intelligent, professional, hardworking and let’s not forget attractive.

Kelly Guldi, Owner & CEO

Kelly has had that entrepreneurial passion from day one. She began working as a model and grew into a creative and innovative marketing expert who is responsible for the successful launches of many well-known brands in targeted markets. As a result her of her innovative ideas and passionate efforts, Kelly is recognized among the best in her field. While strategy and persistence drive her daily activities, she is always doing her best to keep it simple. She is most known for her ‘no box’ way of thinking and her go to friendly attitude.

How do I become represented by Attract Agency?

We do not accept phone calls, text messages or e-mail inquiries regarding submissions. If you are interested in working with Attract, please view our FAQ page!

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